71 min, 2011.

Koliunia is the story of an outstanding single artist Mykola Bilous, who made a long way from a docker to the theorist and practice of contemporary art. His directness and knowledge of world art history is impressive.

Furthermore, the film is saturated with the reactions of Mr. Bilous’s art fans from different capitals of the world, i.e. Istanbul, Riga, Moscow, Paris and Kyiv. Six women started collecting his works when he was unknown, each of them had their own motive. All the ladies sincerely welcomed us in their apartments and premises where Mykola’s works are placed.

Some value is attached to the film with a documented meeting of Mr. Bilous and Juliette Binoche in the gallery on the opening of her art exhibition in April 2010 in Kyiv.

The film is full of immediate jokes.

Especially for the film, an original soundtrack was written by a composer Bohdan Luchnyi. It was performed in jazz-funk style by the band Vinipuzmob.

Oleksandr Shchelushchenko is the director and concept creator.

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